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Batista Dinho

Born in Recife, capital of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, Dinho Batista became interested in fashion during the mid-90s. At the time, he created his first collection using an old sewing machine found in his aunt’s backyard. The pieces were exhibited in a mall in Recife, and the experience inspired him the desire to pursue a degree in fashion.

On August 31st, 1999, against his parents’ will, Dinho moved to São Paulo to begin his studies at Senac. But the dream to get a degree didn’t last long. Unable to afford the tuition, he found himself forced to abandon school after two months. But returning to Pernambuco was no longer an option. “I was fascinated by São Paulo. The city had a window opened for opportunities in the fashion industry, and a window opened to the world! To stay in São Paulo was the right thing to do. I had to stay here,” he says.

He began working in modeling agencies as a PR and a fashion instructor for young models, for the “new faces”. During 18 years he worked in the fashion industry perfecting and polishing his knowledge. But he was still far from making his dream of becoming a fashion designer come true. Until one day, that window that had closed years ago, opened once again. This time, it was the window to Alexandrine, the first Luxury Brands’ Patronage Maison in Brazil. Always attentive and in search of talented craftsmen, the brand’s founder, Alexandra Fructuoso, saw in Dinho Batista the passion for fashion designing and invited him to create a collection.

The self-taught designer searched for inspiration in his own essence, in the story of his life, and created a tailored collection shaped with satin and grosgrain ribbons. ALEXANDRINE BY BATISTA DINHO presents 27 looks in the colors black, olive and off-white. Each of the pieces are baptized with the name of important women that have been part of Dinho Batista’s 20 years in the fashion industry.


Batista Dinho
Batista Dinho