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Les Talents

Marcelo Alencar and Raphaela Issa

Born in the brazilian state of Alagoas, Marcelo Alencar has worked with some of the most important brazilian fashion designers such as Samuel Cirnansck, with whom he developed the moulage technique. And later, Marcelo worked during four years as an assistant designer for Rogerio Figueiredo, with whom he expanded his repertoire.

Raphaela, twenty-five, is a Fashion Design graduate from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), one of the most prestigious colleges in Brazil. It didn’t take long for Alexandra Fructuoso to identify Raphaela’s talent and invite her, partnering up with Alencar, to sign Maison Alexandrine’s Red Carpet Collections.

Raphaela Issa and Marcelo Alencar are the designers behind the Alexandrine brand. Together they create exclusive custom made dresses and release an annual collection, with new pieces every three months. They are statement pieces made to impress due to precise technique, rich details and high quality.

Paris Hilton, Nancy Spielberg, Andie MacDowell, Ana Beatriz Barros and Barbara Fialho are some of the celebrities who have worn creations from Maison Alexandrino during red carpet events.

Marcelo Alencar and Raphaela Issa
Marcelo Alencar and Raphaela Issa